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Introducing Grohe water-systems

Water reinvented.

We live in an instant world. So why wait for perfectly chilled, sparkling or kettle hot water?

Perfect taste straight from the tap with unbottled water by Grohe Blue Home and kettle hot water on demand by GROHE Red.

GROHE Watersystems are designed to look beautiful in your kitchen.


Grohe Blue

Still, medium or sparkling filtered and chilled water, straight from the tap.

The cooler filters your water, chills it and makes it sparkle, ready to fill your glass to the brim.

A five-step filtration process ensures that every glass of GROHE Blue Home water offers the same unparalleled standard of purity and taste.

You can even control your GROHE Blue Home tap via smartphone app for total convenience.

Grohe Red

Kettle hot water straight from the tap.

Imagine all the time, energy and space you’ll save in the kitchen – all in one go. That’s what GROHE Red can do for you.

Below the elegant GROHE Red tap, the energy-efficient titanium boiler is tucked away, ready to deliver safely and instantly.

Once you discover all the advantages of this remarkable helpmate in the kitchen you’ll never look back.

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We also install other Grohe products!

As well as the Blue or Red Grohe water-systems, we also install the Blue Pure filtered water tap.

One of our qualified installers will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.



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