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Magnesium mineralized water for drinking and silky-soft luxury water for your home

BWT offer innovative products in the water and water treatment sector. DripDry are Best Water Professionals.
We’ll help you configure the perfect system including drinking water filters for hygienically clean water, luxury water and limescale protection systems for innovative protection against limescale or the treatment of water for optimum heating performance.

Drinking tap water

It is often the very simple things that make our lives happy and worth living. A walk in the woods, the smell of freshly baked bread or simply excellent water. After all, nothing refreshes body and mind as quickly and easily as a glass of fresh, delicious water.

BWT also ensures that your local tap water becomes the best BWT Water: free of limescale, free of heavy metals such as lead or copper*, free of chlorine, but enriched with the right amount of the valuable mineral magnesium.

*where these exist

Water for your home

From the ground floor to the attic, from your heating system to the kitchen and bathroom – BWT products ensure your water is in the safest of hands in all areas of life!

Together with our partners in the installation trade and the BWT Best Water Professionals, we have the best water treatment solutions for your home. Drinking water filters for hygienically clean water, Luxury Water and limescale protection systems for innovative protection against limescale or the treatment of water for optimum heating performance – you can rely on BWT for all of these things!

Enjoy the highest water quality around the clock

Water plays a central role for us, day and night. BWT water technology ensures the best water quality in your home anytime, anywhere – from the basement to the attic, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the heating system to your appliances.

Treated water efficiently protects installations, heating systems and household appliances from limescale and other undesirable substances. BWT products not only ensure hygiene and protection, but also an incomparable feeling of well-​being through noticeably softer, velvety skin and shiny hair and carefree bathing pleasure in silky-​soft Luxury Water.

BWT also makes more of your tap water: Magnesium Mineralized Water is an incomparable flavour experience, whether it is enjoyed pure as a thirst-​quencher or used in making tea or coffee.

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