Appliance guarantees, maintenance tips and finding spares

We’ve included in this post a handful of really useful online resources based on maintaining, insuring and buying household appliances.


1. Free Warranties and Guarantee offers

appliance warranties and guarantees

In this article you’ll learn:

What is a warranty?
Do you need a warranty?
The warranties warning checklist
What if they don’t pay up?
How to complain about your provider

2. Top Rated Washing Machines 2015

best washing machines 2015


It can be a little difficult to find enthusiasm about buying a new washer. Before you start checking out the top models this year, have a quick read over the top tips of how to choose a machine.



Energy consumption and water use are the two factors that set how much your washing machine will cost to run per year. Running costs are extremely important, as a machine that’s cheaper to run could cost you less in the long-run even if it’s more expensive to buy.

Every washing machine has an EU Energy Rating label attached to it. This gives you an energy rating grade from A+++ down to A, with the higher grades being more efficient. Each grade contains a range of efficiencies, so one A+++ washing machine may be more efficient than another. To help you decide, each label also contains a figure for the washing machine’s power consumption rated at kWh/year and the water consumption in Litres/year. Look for the machine with the lowest figure. Our reviews will tell you how much each machine costs per year to run, so you can find the cheapest model.


Drum size is one of the most important aspects of a washing machine and is quoted as the total weight of dry washing that can be loaded into the machine to be washed. For a typical household a 6kg drum will suffice. However, a larger drum can make a lot of sense, as not only can you wash more clothes in one go, but you can wash larger items, such as duvets. Typically speaking a larger drum will be more efficient per kg of washing, requiring less water and power to wash the same amount of clothes as a machine with a smaller drum.


The spin speed simply tells you how fast the drum spins in revolutions per minute. Generally speaking, the faster the spin speed the drier your washing will be when the machine has finished. Budget washing machines will typically spin at around 1,100rpm, but look for a 1,400rpm or 1,600rpm machine for the best performance. Our reviews will tell you how dry washing was when the washing cycle had finished.


Each washing machine manufacturer has its own special features, designed to improve wash quality and save money. For example, Samsung’s Ecobubble technology dissolves detergent using water and air, to create bubbles that penetrate and clean cloths more efficiently. With a 15-degree wash cycle, too, it can also help save you money. Our reviews will test every machine’s unique features to tell you if they work and if they’re worth the cash.


Pay careful attention to the special wash cycles on a washing machine. A Woolmark-certified machine can wash woollen garments, while some machines have a special silk modes. If you’ve got a lot of delicate items, a hand-wash mode can save you a lot of manual labour.

Some machines have anti-creasing and easy-iron settings, which will make it easier to care for those items you need to iron at the end of a wash. Our reviews will tell you what’s worth worrying about.


As washing machines get more and more complicated, it’s important to have a model that’s clear and easy to understand. Our reviews will tell you how easy each machine is to use. It can also be handy to have a washing machine with a clear display that shows you its current setting and how long is left on the current wash cycle. Again, our reviews will tell you what you need to know.

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3. Repairs

If you’re moderately skilled with your hands and own a few basic tools you’ll likely be able to make minor repairs to your machine. Obviously this can save you money on any call outs and labour so it might be worth a little research before you hire an engineer.

Here’s a great guide to various repairs you might come across.


Fix your machine.

4. Buy spare parts

buy spare washer parts

If you’re taking on your own repairs you’ll need to purchase parts to do the work. There are a few fantastic online stores in the UK and partmaster is one of them.

5. Electricity running cost calculator

appliance energy costs calc

This is a really neat online calculator that will help you get a better handle on the cost of running your appliances. You can reduce your monthly energy costs by quite a way if you’re committed to the cause.

This calculator will certainly make it easier.